Is this race real?
Yeah, we get that a lot. But yes, this is really happening. Come kick of the wedding day with a 5k!

Do I have to do this race to attend the wedding?
I wanted to say yes, but I've been told I can't make it a precondition for attending the wedding. However, preferential treatment will be given to runners throughout the day (based on order of finish of course!) At least you've got that going for you! So start training now.

But Paul, I don't think I can run a 5k.
For those who think a 5k is too far, we will offer a 3.1 mile run in conjunction with the Wedding Day 5k.

That sounds even farther!
Well, ok, while it (probably) won't be officially timed like the 5k will, we will be offering a 2-mile walk. Or maybe 1 mile-walk?

But Paul, that's still too much!
Well ok, we will "officially" offer a 0k as well. Try to set a world record! (The current record is 0 seconds!) Just sign up for the 5k like normal and then tell race officials you only plan to do a 0k (or 1 or 2-mile walk).

Is this race USATF certified?
It is. And by "it is," we mean "most definitely not." The course will likely be eyeballed (with our eyes), then run once or twice with a GPS. Corrections will be made, calculations will be calculated, guesses will be guessed, and a 100% accurate course will be born. If you're really lucky (read: if you bribe me), I'll consider making the 5k only 2.8 miles. PR's FOR EVERYONE!

Are you really planning to give out race t-shirts
Yup. We're in negotiations with Donnelly Design to come up with a sweet design - they're in the works! If they happen, they will be a technical t-shirt with a sweet design!

Are you really closing registration roughly a month before the 5k?
Yes. Since we're ordering t-shirts we need to get them ordered. If we wait any longer we risk not getting them in time. Perhaps we will offer a no t-shirt option, but who wants to run a race without getting a t-shirt.

You keep saying you hope to have shirts. What if you don't? Your race is TOO EXPENSIVE to not get a shirt!
So we're 90% sure we'll be able to do shirts. If for some reason you can't and you already paid the exhorbitent $8.23 race fee, we can either find a way to get the money back to you or give out sweet awards or prize money? But we don't want anyone to have to give up their amatuer status so we're hoping t-shirts come through!

Speaking of costs, how did you arrive at $8.23 for the race fee
Think hard about that number. It'll come to you.

Why can't I register two people at once? I demand a refund!
Much like most race websites, we don't allow one person to register multiple people. You'll just have to go through the process twice. Sorry about that.

Do I have to finish the race to get a t-shirt?
Nope! As long as you sign up (and come to packet pickup at the hotel), you'll get a shirt. If you don't want to race you don't have to. Though keep in mind there is a 0k being offered! Just say you are running that!

Are piggy backs really allowed?
I'm not going to stop you!

What about horses? I've heard you don't allow horses?
Horses of any sort are most certainly NOT allowed on the course. The Wedding Day 5k takes this a step further and hereby bans all horses, horse play, horse shoes, horse masks, games of horse, thoughts of changing horses in midstream, Denver Broncos insignia, Budweiser beer, Cormac McCarthy novels, and people with hoarse coughs.

Will there be more frequently asked questions later?