Run Information

Race Date: August 23, 2014
Start Time: 7am CDT
Race Distance: 5 million millimeters
Registration Fee: $8.23

The Wedding Day 5k is open to all runners, walkers, skippers, and steppers. Heck I'll even open it to swimmers if you want to swim the course (Pro Tip: you probably don't want to swim the course.) The 5k is NOT open to sasheyers. Sorry, but we have to draw the line somewhere

Start/Finish Area
The race will start and finish behind the ClubHouse Suites Hotel (the official wedding hotel). The start line will be clearly marked with something like sidewalk chalk. If we forget that or it is wet, look for a stick in the ground. If there are no sticks available I'll probably just have someone stand on the bike trail and that will be the start/finish line. Let's hope they don't move during the race!

Due to anticipated timing malfunctions, we will NOT be offering chip timing for the Wedding Day 5k. Gun time only. So make sure you arrive to the start line early to secure your spot up front. But you will be getting a real race number and we will actually be timing you and keeping results. So game faces people!

To make up for a lack of chip timing we promise there will be complimentary potato chips at the start/finish. You're welcome! We might even offer to time you eating the chips - chip timing at its finest!

The course runs along the Big Sioux River on city bike trails. Due to an ongoing dispute with Joe at city hall, we were unable to completely close down the bike trail for the race. So you will have to share the course with anyone else who likes waking up early and being on the trail system. Don't blame me; blame Joe.

The course leaves the bike trail briefly to cross the river over bridges, but at no point should you cross the street. If you're running across a street, you're doing it wrong and you should stop doing it wrong immediately.

It's my hope to actually mark the course with chalk, signs or volunteers. It's a pretty straightforward course though and you should be able to follow the person in front of you. However, if you are the person in front of someone else, please don't make any wrong turns.

The course will remain open for...let's say 5 hours. At that point some of us have to go and get married.

Post Race Party
The Wedding Day 5k will have water and Gatorade available at the finish. PARTY! Food will be available inside (the hotel has free breakfast for guests). So the post race party will be in there? The real post race party will be at Calico Skies after some of the race participants get married.

The awards ceremony will also take place immediately following the conclusion of the race by the finish line.

Weather Policy/Race Cancellation Policy
The Wedding Day 5k Race Committee reserves the right to cancel the race if the weather turns nasty. Nasty being defined as something the race director doesn't want to run in. But don't worry, he's pretty tough and has (stupidly) run through severe thunderstorms and hail before. Rumor has it his dream is to run a mile on a track when there is a (small?) stationary tornado in the middle of it. World record here we come!

But the committee also reserves the right to cancel it for the following reasons: unexpected construction, extremely angry geese, bad moods, lack of proper permits, and just for the heck of it. But what are the chances of any of those, ammiright!?